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Goto matching bracket and other keyboard shortcuts in Sublime Text

Programmers love Sublime Text editor as it is that awesome. So I will list down few keyboard shortcuts that will make life easier while writing the code. Jump to matching brackets Shortcut for Windows/Linux: CTRL + M Shortcut for MAC: CTRL + M When you’re writing code, you happen to be inside of loops, conditions,

[Fix] “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer.” error on Windows

Usually this error message (MSVCR100.dll missing on your Windows machine) will appear if you don’t have Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. What hides behind this name is the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable which can easily be downloaded on the Microsoft website as x86 or x64 edition: 32 bit: 64 bit: Usually the application that

How to disable Windows start-up programs without any special software application

Often you will be experiencing slow down in computer speed at start-up, it is because you will have lot of programs at your start-up. If you can disable those unnecessary programs, you can gain speed and run smoothlyt. To disable Windows start-up programs without any special software application, Please follow this procedure: Step1: Open Run