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Videos with Apple iPhone 5S and 5C back covers leaked

Apple’s iPhone event is due to take place on 10 September and the tech giant is likely to launch two versions of the iPhone on that day. One is the ‘iPhone 5S’ which is seen as the successor to the iPhone 5 and the other a cheaper lower cost iPhone 5C.(The C apparently stands for

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C alongside iPhone 5 in leaked images

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the next-generation iPhone and the much-rumoured low-cost iPhone respectively, have made yet another appearance in a series of images shared on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo. The images, picked up by GSMArena.com via SimOnlyRadar.nl, give an idea of how the two new iPhone models will look compared to the existing iPhone

Apple to unveil next-gen iPhone on September 10: Report

Contrary to reports that Apple’s next-gen iPhone, the iPhone 5S, may go on sale from September 6, a new report from AllThingsD claims that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S on September 10. Rumours are doing the rounds that the iPhone 5S will feature a display carrying twice the pixels than the current generation, iPhone

iPhone 5S Release Date September 6?

  Sept. 6 iPhone 5S Release Date The iPhone 5S may be just over a month away. Cult of Mac relayed a report from the German blog iFun that says the next iPhone will be “coming to market” on Sept. 6. iFun cites a very credible source “to be taken seriously,” according to a HuffPost