Apple to unveil next-gen iPhone on September 10: Report


Contrary to reports that Apple’s next-gen iPhone, the iPhone 5S, may go on sale from September 6, a new report from AllThingsD claims that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S on September 10.

Rumours are doing the rounds that the iPhone 5S will feature a display carrying twice the pixels than the current generation, iPhone 5, and will come with a quad-core processor.

The iPhone 5S is speculated to come with a thinner bezel, thereby adopting the iPad mini like design. If the leaked photos are to be believed, the iPhone 5S will come with a dual LED flash. The battery in the iPhone 5S is also expected to be of a higher capacity compared to the battery of the iPhone 5.

Speculations are rife that a cheaper iPhone model and a large-screen iPad may also be unveiled alongside the iPhone 5S launch. Recently, a photo showing white packaging boxes marked with “iPhone 5C” and the Apple logo, surfaced online. It hinted that the entry-level iPhone may be called “iPhone 5C”. However the genuineness of the image cannot be confirmed.
Sources claim that Apple may launch the cheaper iPhones in 5-6 colours. Reportedly, Apple is planning to launch cheaper models starting at $99.

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