Goto matching bracket and other keyboard shortcuts in Sublime Text

Programmers love Sublime Text editor as it is that awesome. So I will list down few keyboard shortcuts that will make life easier while writing the code.

Sublime Text
Sublime Text

Jump to matching brackets
Shortcut for Windows/Linux: CTRL + M
Shortcut for MAC: CTRL + M

When you’re writing code, you happen to be inside of loops, conditions, functions or other programming constructs all the time. And the probability with which you’ll find its corresponding opening and closing bracket with your naked eye is usually proportional to how deep your current line is nested in the code. By using CTRL+M however, you can move your cursor instantly there, and hitting it twice will take you to its opening/closing counterpart.

Multiple cursors
Shortcut for Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + UP/DOWN ARROW

Have you ever had to do the same modification in multiple lines of code? Could you not imagine a more elegant way of doing this than going through each of the lines one by one? Multiple cursors to the rescue!

Creating row layouts
Shortcut for Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + NUMBER (2/3/4..)
Shortcut for MAC: CMD + ALT + SHIFT + CTRL + NUMBER (2/3/4..)

In order to split your current window into two rows use this. It will be use when you want edit more than one file simultaneously without going back and forth.

Keyboard scrolling
If you just want to scroll up or down a few lines without loosing the current cursor position. To accomplish this, use the arrow keys as usual, but in combination with CTRL+ALT+ARROWS.

Shortcut for Windows/Linux: CTRL + ALT + ARROW KEY
Shortcut for MAC: CTRL + ALT + ARROW KEY

You may have to use Right CTRL and Right ALT (in Windows/Linux)

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