Merge pdf files into one ubuntu

Merge pdf files into one ubuntu

If you want a tool with a simple GUI, try pdfshuffler. It allows for merging of PDFs as well as rearranging and deleting pages. For batch processing and/or more complicated tasks, pdftk is of course more powerful.

pdfshuffler err

I tried using it in my Ubuntu 14.04, doesn’t work for me, which just gives the following alert box when I tried to export.

But I tried pdftk command-line tool, which works perfectly. Here you go…

You can install it by opening terminal and typing:

sudo apt-get install pdftk

Now you can merge pdf files by putting them in the same directory and typing:

pdftk file1.pdf file2.pdf file3.pdf cat output merged.pdf

or if you wish to merge files in alphabetical order you can simply type:

pdftk *.pdf cat output merged.pdf

Don’t forget to add in comments if the above method work or doesn’t work for you.

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