Portronics launches portable scanner Scanny 6 in India at Rs 6,999


Portronics has launched the sixth version of its portable scanner under the Scanny series. Named “Scanny 6”, the device is claimed to couple ease of use with accuracy. To scan using with Scanny 6, all you need to do is click a button.
It comes with a 700 mAh of rechargeable lithium polymer battery having a capacity to scan almost 700-1000 pages in one go. It scans a single page in less than 3 seconds with the quality defined from 300 DPI to 1050 DPI.

Scanny 6 works in a stand-alone mode – without the need to connect it to any computer or power source while it scans. Scanny 6 is said to have vast applicability – carry it to the library to scan books, use it in your office to do document, at a Doctor’s clinic to scan patient records and X-rays, scan designs of fabrics for designers, at Hotel receptions to do customer records.

It works independent of the light conditions around and with a display screen of 1.44 inches it ensures that the scanning is done appropriately and accurately. The images scanned can be zoomed up to 8 times on the scanner itself to view the finer parts of the scans.

Scanny 6 is priced at Rs 6,999 and is available across India.

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