ubuntu 16.04 Application’s menu bar missing


I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and found that menus for many applications do not show on the menu bar except few applications like browsers.

There is a bug created at launchpad when Ubuntu 16.04 was still in dev stage.

I was just annoyed to use keyboard shortcut for every application I use and there isn’t much information available out there except few threads here and there. So when I found this thread but the marked answer didn’t work for me, as if I use [bash]unity[/bash]command to restart unity, everything freezes out.

A temporary solution I found on the same thread (unfortunately this wasn’t marked as the correct answer, at least in my case!!!) is, run the following command in your terminal :
[bash]initctl restart unity-panel-service[/bash]
Which will just restarts the unity panel service and brings back the missing menu bars.

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