Videos with Apple iPhone 5S and 5C back covers leaked

Apple’s iPhone event is due to take place on 10 September and the tech giant is likely to launch two versions of the iPhone on that day.

One is the ‘iPhone 5S’ which is seen as the successor to the iPhone 5 and the other a cheaper lower cost iPhone 5C.(The C apparently stands for colour but some are joking that the C stands for Cheap.)


Now two new videos have leaked with details of the two versions of iPhone.The first video of the gold iPhone 5S was put out by TLDToday on Youtube.

According to the video, the gold iPhone 5S is pretty much confirmed and the video shows the back cover of the gold iPhone. The colour is similar to champagne-gold and not as gaudy as one would imagine. The video says that based on the different screw slots in the back cover Apple could bump up the processor and there is likely to be a bigger battery. The cut-out for flash is also different indicating a dual LED flash.

Another video also shows the back casing of a Graphite or Grey coloured version of the iPhone.

The phone has silver finish with a touch of black.

Watch video of gold-iPhone back casing below:

As far as the iPhone 5C is concerned a video by iCrackUriDevice on YouTube shows the back casings of the iPhone 5C. You can watch the video below.

The rear shell is indeed plastic and could be cheaper than the regular iPhone 5. The five different colours for the iPhone 5C which include Blue, Red (though it appeared more pinkish than red), Green, Yellow and White.

The volume buttons on the iPhone 5C are more like the ones on the the 5th generation iPod Touch and the device is likely to support a Nano-SIM.

The iPhone 5C is reported to come with an eight-megapixel camera, 1 GB of RAM and there will be an 8 GB version of the device.

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